How Can You Not Like Muffins?

By: Stephanie

Aug 09 2011

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Focal Length:44mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Indeed. How can you not like muffins? (Click through to hear the entire ode to muffins.)

I absolutely LOVE a moist, texture-filled muffin that doesn’t taste artificial or overly sweet, especially when those muffins are clearly homemade in time for our apartment tea time. My favorite is the apple cinnamon, because I’m a sucker for baked goods with real fruit that retain their moisture and aren’t sugared (I’m looking at you, “fruit” pies). These sort of chunky, peasanty muffins make the best breakfast along with a glass of almond milk or tea.

“Georgetown Muffins”, coming soon to a neighborhood near you (that is, if the neighborhood you live in is Georgetown). Our shop will be situated right next to Georgetown Macarons.

Final note: For those who enjoy a sweeter muffin, I can only say very soberly that “a muffin with frosting is no longer a muffin but a cupcake.” And we certainly have plenty of cupcakeries in the area as is!


One comment on “How Can You Not Like Muffins?”

  1. […] number three coming out of Koren’s muffin-baking frenzy, the blueberry muffins. The key marker of homemade, all-natural muffins is the mottled-bruise, […]

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