Taiwanese Breakfast

I noticed that lately, I’ve been talking about Taiwan a lot – or more specifically, Taiwanese food that I particularly miss. Perhaps what I miss most, even more than the night market xiaochi runs and late night dessert, is the breakfast. Some days when I leave my apartment and head to work, I can’t help longing for a convenient streetside vendor offering porridge and preserved egg for 50 NT.

My mom’s cousin forwarded this LA Times article featuring a Taiwanese restaurant called Huge Tree Pastry (formerly known as Yi Mei Chinese Pastries) in LA’s Monterey Park with a specialty for breakfast.

According to the LA Times,  “the foods have about the same culinary thrust as your average pancake breakfast but are written all over with the Taiwanese bent for textural play” (i.e. AMAZING). From my deciphering of the Americanized descriptions and names of their entrees, I would definitely want to try their 燒餅油條 (shaobing youtiao, light, twisted fried dough) and hot 豆漿 (doujiang, soy milk).

So, my LA friends, have any of you tried this place? If not, can someone go check it out and report back to me? I’m already jealous.

[Photo Credit: The Los Angeles Times]


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