Beef Noodle Soup

By: Stephanie

Oct 06 2010

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Focal Length:24mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:NIKON D3000

Many restaurants in Taipei hold titles and bragging-rights to taste test competitions, favorable reviews by celebrities, and nation-wide cook-offs. Laminated newspaper clippings and televised clips playing on screens mounted on the walls – and the crowds waiting outside these highly-ranked restaurants or food stands – demonstrate exactly how seriously meishi (literally, “beautiful food”) is taken in this country. Luckily, that means you are bound to find prize-winning beef noodle soup – or any other Taiwanese specialty you might crave – almost anywhere, sometimes even one or two on the same street.

老張牛肉面 (Lao Zhang Niu Rou Mian), located on the famous Yongkang Street, really does serve the best bowl of niu rou mian I’ve ever had. I’ve tried quite a few “number one’s” in the last two months, but Lao Zhang’s award-winning factor is the absurdly tender slices of beef and the chewy noodles; I like it best with the tomato-based beef broth.


One comment on “Beef Noodle Soup”

  1. […] to be ready to eat. However, real hand-pulled noodles, or lamian (拉麵) – the kind used in niu rou mian (牛肉面), require a great deal of muscle applied to beating, kneading, pulling, and stretching […]

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